POTUS — the flag you can't buy

The flag of the President of the United States

With a national election every four years, the flag of the President of the United States vacillates in and out of public view. But Americans won't find replicas for sale from reputable vendors.

According to United States Code, it is illegal to reproduce, sell or purchase the flag of the President of the United States. U.S. Code Title 18 §713(b).

Why is it illegal to buy or sell the POTUS flag? The reason behind this law relates to its intended military use — to identify the location of the Commander in Chief. In short, certain units of the U.S. Military have exclusive rights to use this flag.

Political Party Affiliated Flags — Legal to Purchase

Of course, in every election year, contenders from America's two major political parties compete for the opportunity to be identified by the flag of the President. So the flags of the two parties will also appear with greater prominence during debates and campaign stops. Where those can be found, they are legal for common purchase and use.

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American flag decor

Of course, the American flag and American flag decorations are the tie that binds — the tie that reminds us that we are all united as a nation. Political observers on both sides of the aisle are bound to see red, white, and blue adornments at rallies and events from sea to shining sea.

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