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100% American-Made Ceremonial United States Flags from LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®

Buying Ceremonial American Flags — a Unique Experience

Just as buying an outdoor American flag presents an array of options to weigh and circumstances to account for, so does buying an indoor flag for ceremonial use.

Knowing how to sidestep a few common errors saves both time and money.

The Ceremonial Flag Ground Rules

It is important to know that ceremonial flags are intended only for permanent or temporary display indoors. When used in a parade, a parade carry belt is an absolute necessity.

Additionally, understanding the components of a ceremonial set (whether purchased together or separately), and the flag's potential surroundings will make it easy to buy the set that is appropriate.

Ceremonial flags are intended to impress. Displayed in offices, entrances, boardrooms, courtrooms, schools or stages; ceremonial flags signify formality. This is why they are often seen at public speaking events, political events and award ceremonies. 

Ceremonial American flags, at their most impressive, are trimmed in gold fringe and are precision sewn. Most any flag can be displayed indoors and gold fringe may be added to enhance the flag's ceremonial role.

The golden yellow bullion fringe, along with glossy white embroidered stars and hand-knotted cord with tassels, gives the ceremonial American flag its majestic appearance.

Ceremonial flag options are also available for state, military, international and custom flags.

All flags are not created equal. One major benefit of having a flag that is specifically made for ceremonial display is the flannel-lined pole pocket which aids in ease of assembly and appearance.

Additionally, many flags are mass produced outside of the United States and do not follow the same standards of quality that flags made in the U.S.A. offer. Where your flag is made can be a good indicator of how well it is made. All LIBERTY FLAGS ceremonial flags are made in the U.S.A. Find out why here.

All of our ceremonial sets include a gracefully tapered two-piece hardwood flag pole that carries a furniture grade finish and a solid brass screw joint.

It is important to note that the selection of pole height is critical to the successful display of your ceremonial flag; you should select a pole height that is at least one foot shorter than the ceiling height where the flag is to be displayed (e.g., minimum of 9' ceiling for display of a ceremonial set built with an 8' pole to allow space for the ornament).

Flagpole ornaments are the finishing touch at the top of a ceremonial flag display set. When purchasing a set from LIBERTY FLAGS, an appropriate ornament is included. However, if a replacement is needed, a variety of styles are available to suit any occasion.

Ornaments are not universal, so it is critically important to make sure that the replacement ornament is the correct size to fit the diameter of the existing flagpole.

The base or floor stand is used with free-standing interior flags. It is a weighted device with a center bore that the display pole is inserted into. Qualities range from metal-plated plastics that are filled with sand to 18 lb. cast iron.

In all cases, LIBERTY FLAGS recommends saving the floor stand box for storage — this will help to prevent the stand from accumulating dust or becoming dented or broken when it is not in use.

Ceremonial flag sets from LIBERTY FLAGS each come with the five essential parts — the floor stand, the indoor flag pole, the ceremonial flag, the cord with tassel, and the ornament.

Of course, a flag spreader or parade carry belt will round out a ceremonial flag set, depending on its intended use(s). Lastly, a ceremonial flag set dust and rain cover will protect the parts from unintended wear and keep the flag fresh while it is being stored.

100% American-Made Ceremonial United States Military flags from LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®
100% American-Made Ceremonial United States Military flags from LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®

Buy With Confidence

After deciding to buy a ceremonial flag, choosing the best flag or flag set is as simple as following this checklist...

  1. Know the ceiling height of the space where the ceremonial flag will be displayed.
  2. Subtract one foot from that measurement (allows room for the ornament) to obtain maximum flagpole height.
  3. Select a ceremonial flag set with the correct size of pole and flag.

If you just need parts, make sure they will work together with this checklist...

  1. Is the pole the correct height?
  2. Will the base receive the pole diameter?
  3. Is the ornament the correct size to attach to the top of the pole?

If you still have questions, the experts at LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave® are here to help.

New to Ceremonial U.S. Flags?

This video will provide you with the information you will need to begin your search for the appropriate American-made U.S. flag. LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave® flags are 100% American made and FMAA Certified. We stock thousands of products in every size – all of which are available for same-day shipping. We are also here to answer any questions you may have and assist you in finding the right flag or accessory for your needs.


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