Flag fabric video series — 3 questions, 4 fabrics

What material is the American flag made of?

And which flag fabric is right for me?

Among the toughest decisions that a flag buyer will make is selecting the fabric that is best suited to their wants or needs. The videos below explain each type of flag fabric, but first —

100% American-made outdoor American flags!

Three considerations before choosing an American flag fabric.

When customers come into our store and are unsure which outdoor flag fabric to choose, we start by showing them the available options (above) and then guide their decision with a few questions.

  • What is your personal preference? Do you gravitate toward one material over the others for personal reasons? It is quite common actually. For example, you might appreciate Traditional Cotton American flag or U.S. Government G-Spec (also cotton) because of their traditional and historical significance.

    However, most people find that they end up with either SunTru™ Nylon or Wavecrest™ Polyester American flags. If you prefer an American flag whose colors will remain true and bright for the longest time, then you will probably lean toward the versatile SunTru™ Nylon US flag. Color-treated U.S. flags made of SunTru™ Nylon are easily the most fade-resistant. On the other hand, if you need an American flag that will outlast the others in durability while offering a more traditional appearance, then Wavecrest™ Polyester is the best choice for you.

  • What have you displayed in the past? What worked and what didn’t? In addition to your personal preferences, you also need to take into account your past experiences. If you were happy with you previous flag, great! You should continue using that material. If you found yourself wanting a flag that was more durable, Wavecrest™ Polyester might be the flag you need. If the colors faded too quickly on your previous flag or you want your new flag to have a little more shimmer, then SunTru™ Nylon is your best option.

  • What kind of flagpole will the flag be displayed upon? If you are flying your flag from a free-standing commercial grade flagpole, then you can fly an appropriately sized flag of any material.
    However, if you have a smaller residential flagpole or a house-mounted flagpole, then a SunTru™ Nylon American flag is really the only recommended option simply because of the weight. Other flag materials are far too weighty for these displays and could lead to damage on windier days. SunTru™ Nylon flags are much lighter and are therefore more appropriate

You can find information for all of your flags and flag accessories in the rest of our video collection.

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