Can an American Flag be repaired?

Repairing Old Glory

If there is one fact that all American flag flyers know first-hand, it is that all flags sustain damage from being exposed to the elements.

Of course, some flags take more damage than others. For instance, flags that fly in areas with more windy conditions are not likely to last as long as their counterparts in calmer weather.

Conversely, flags made of more rugged materials such as polyester or nylon might last longer than those made from weaker fabrics.

Nonetheless, all flags will eventually sustain damage, and while it is appropriate to retire American flags that are damaged beyond repair, there are some loose guidelines that can be followed if flag owners want to have less-dramatic damages repaired.

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Flags in Need

Just as different weather conditions will create varying degrees of damage, they will also create different types of damage. Ice and hail might cause holes or rips, whereas heavy winds may cause the ends of a flag to fray.

Indications that a flag is in need of repair can include tears, holes, frayed ends, or tattered and worn stripes.

Rules for Flag Repair

Again, flag owners may not wish to immediately discard a flag that has sustained damage — a flag that carries great sentimental value would be one example. In the event that a flag must be salvaged, it is okay to trim off frayed ends or tattered sections and carefully sew a hem resembling the original hem.

This process can be repeated as often as necessary until the flag becomes square. In other words, if the length of a stripe will not be longer than the blue star field, it is time to retire the flag.

Sending Your Flag to the Shop?

If you are having your flag professionally repaired, it may be a good idea to brush up on your American flag lingo. This video will provide you with a quick overview of American flag anatomy — a great resource for your encounter with a flag repair professional.

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