American military to fly American-made American flags

Four reasons the 2014 Pentagon ban on foreign-made American flags is good.

It is shocking to consider that the American flags flying over United States military bases at home and abroad might have been manufactured anywhere but here in America.

Of course, the greatest cause of the shift to overseas production was the great and sudden demand for American flags that was placed on the industry immediately following the tragedy of 9/11. The good news is that the era of saluting foreign-made American flags is one step closer to nearing an end, and here are four reasons why this is a good thing.

Why this ban is good for America.

#1: American-made American flags are the highest quality.

It is well documented that American industry standards exceed those of our foreign counterparts. In addition, the flag inks and materials available in the United States are of much greater quality than anywhere else. Plus, the chemicals and processes used to bind the inks to the fabrics in overseas factories can be harmful to workers and consumers.

#2: Small businesses will benefit.

The passage of this measure positively impacts individuals at the core of American communities.

Why? Because the Pentagon only accepts bids for flag purchases from small companies. That means that many companies will be in the running to acquire this renewed business. Since the Pentagon purchases between 1,000 and 2,000 flags per year, the new law will benefit many small manufacturing and retail providers here in the United States.

#3: Greater adherence to flag standards.

Let's be frank, the Government Specifications for American flags flown at federal buildings and military bases are incredibly exacting. Foreign manufacturers are often overwhelmed by these standards and are generally unsuccessful in adhering to them. It is common to see errors in the star-field pattern, the metal used to make the grommets, the stripe stitching, or the measurements in general. Meanwhile, American manufacturers have been producing G-spec American flags with great accuracy since the standards were adopted.

#4: Improved morale.

Perhaps the greatest benefit that will come of this is an improvement of morale. Only our military servicemen and servicewomen will know how much more pride and motivation stems from knowing they salute and protect an American flag whose every fiber is American-made.

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