A case for custom-made flags

Custom flags benefit your business

Flying the American flag positions businesses with an enduring symbol of authority, stability and trust. "Make your business a landmark," has been our most important message to business owners in introducing the benefits of flying the American flag. Flag flying also contributes dignity and honor to the brands that do. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK) took that thought one step further.

Liberty Flags makes custom flags in all shapes and sizes for organizations large and small. Placing company logos on flags is a fairly common practice. After years of selling the products, we took this opportunity to ask BCBSOK some of these important questions about the impacts of using custom-made flags.

The BCBSOK experience

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2015 and, to commemorate the milestone, they acquired two custom-made flags. We had the opportunity to interview the insurance provider's public relations spokesperson about the experience.

LIBERTY FLAGS What custom flag or flags did you order from Liberty Flags, and what appears on the flag(s)?

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma We ordered two custom flags from Liberty Flags. One for outdoor display beneath the American flag on our flagpole, and one for inclusion in our 75th Anniversary time capsule. As a part of our 75th Anniversary celebration, we gathered several historical items — photos, a vintage member ID card, the flag, and several other items — and placed them in a time capsule that was buried on the company's property early in 2016.

We ordered 5'x8' standard, single-faced flags for outdoor use. [200-denier, nylon flags with lock-stitched hems, canvas headings and brass grommets.] Our 75th Anniversary celebration design appears on both flags.

LF Why did you order custom-made flags?

BCBSOK We ordered special flags for two reasons. First, we wanted to involve the business community around us in the celebration of 75 years — an important, encouraging milestone for any business. Second, we wanted to celebrate the 1,100 Oklahomans that BCBSOK employs with something tangible. The second flag was the perfect option for inclusion in the time capsule.

LF What has been the employee and customer reaction to your custom-made flags?

BCBSOK Because BCBSOK is Oklahoma's oldest and largest private health insurer, we were compelled to honor our history with a big celebration, and the reaction has been amazing. Everyone who came and went through the front of our Tulsa office in 2015 saw our custom flag. It also provided a morale boost when we began flying it. Employees continually remarked that it was a fun way to celebrate our company history and success.

LF What would you say about the quality of your flags?

BCBSOK We have been very impressed so far. Our office is in a location that endures quite a bit of wind, and the flag held up nicely. One of the flags was signed by all of our employees and buried in a time capsule, so of course the real test will be when we pull that flag up in 25 years.

LF What would you say the greatest value is in having custom-made flags?

BCBSOK For us, creating a custom design on our flags was a great way to celebrate and commemorate a huge milestone for our organization and to actively include our family of employees and customers in the process. Now that we have gone through the process, I'm sure there are many valid reasons for businesses to purchase and fly custom flags. For us it was a success. Our customers loved it. Our employees loved it. We loved it.

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