3 Signs Your Rope May Be Ready to Break

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3 Signs Your Rope May Be Ready to Break.

Every three months or so is a good time to focus on rope maintenance and three typical signs that your rope needs replacing.

We suggest taking these signs very seriously and that any time you have a question about the continuing service of your rope you replace it right away.

The enormous cost of having to hire a crew to run new rope after a breakage far outweighs the cost of purchasing new rope before calamity strikes!

#1 Frays

Fraying or ripping of the halyard rope is relatively easy to diagnose. When you run your flag up and down the pole, pay close attention to every inch of rope. If you see fraying or ripping, replace the rope immediately.

#2 Stiffness

Sometimes a halyard won't fray, but will gradually become stiff. This occurs because of exposure to weather, particularly wind and sunlight. Sometimes, it can be an indication that the rope has begun to decay. In this case, rope breakage can come suddenly without warning. If your halyard rope has become stiff, replace the rope right away.

#3 Wearing at the turn

When the flag is tied in position, the wind causes the rope on the pulley to continually rock back and forth. This continuous action causes the rope to stretch and wear in the area where it makes contact with the pulley wheel. This makes it extremely important to check this section of the rope each time that the flag is lowered. One indication that there may be halyard wear at the turn is resistance on the rope when lowering the flag.

If the rope appears to have rips or frays in this area, it could also be a sign that your pulley has sustained damage, and the truck may need to be replaced as well.

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