American Stick Flags — Timeless Tradition

Patriotic and Inspiring

American Stick Flags from LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®

Just what you need for...

  • Hosting a gathering or patriotic flag waving parade or event.
  • Sharing American flags with your neighbors to decorate your block.
  • Decorating memorials and gravesides.
  • American flag teaching moments, i.e., schoolchildren, new citizens, etc...
  • Independence Day celebrations everywhere!

American Stick Flags for Every Occasion

LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave® American Stick Flags are perfectly suited for short term indoor and outdoor use. American stick flags are part of a tradition that reaches back for several generations and stretches across a myriad uses. From marching bands to memorials, school outings to neighborhood gatherings, tabletop centerpieces to festive adornments for your driveway; there are hundreds of creative uses for U.S. stick flags. The beauty of stick flags is that they can go anywhere, inside or out, and be used in so many patriotic ways.

Why Are LIBERTY FLAGS' American Stick Flags Superior?

Firstly, LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave® American Stick Flags are made from premium quality materials and are produced entirely in the United States. The flags are made from a durable poly-cotton no-fray fabric and roll-printed before being securely fastened to premium, sanded dowels. Hems — for even more durability — are offered on the larger sizes.

Many other options exist, but our philosophy is that a flag, by definition, is made out of fabric. The American flag — even a small version — deserves to be made from best flag fabric available. As such, LIBERTY FLAGS' American Stick Flags are produced in the spirit of honoring the American flag so the American holding it can wave it proudly.

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American Stick Flags from LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®
American Stick Flags in Assorted Sizes from LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®

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