American-Made American Flags: An Industry Modeling Resiliency

Beginning in 2020 and continuing now in 2022, American flag producers work to overcome challenges unlike any they have known before: a restricted work force facing pressurized demand and an ever-changing landscape of logistical challenges. As ever, American resiliency shines through...

American-Made American Flags Industry Modeling Resiliency

Increased Domestic Pride

2020 and 2021 saw increased displays of domestic pride. From the sense of national unity that was amplified by the pandemic to the emotional response stemming from our national election; from increased awareness on the part of Americans who were transitioning to working at home to the universal awareness and support for U.S.-made products in general, especially United States flags... the demand has continued to grow.

Supply Chain Influence of the Pandemic

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic introduced an additional layer of challenges — the need for reorganization of production facilities to create safe environments for the tailors behind the sewing machines.

Smartly, American flag manufacturers reduced occupancy inside of each facility, organically providing safe working distances. Then, in order to meet demand and retain employees, second shifts and graveyard shifts were added so that production could continue outside of the usual 9-5.

While these steps are helpful, additional challenges continue to arise from other unforeseen circumstances throughout the supply chain. It is common for raw materials to be delayed, flag construction to be slowed, or delivery of finished products to be interrupted; in part because of intermittent personnel exposure to the novel coronavirus, newly-mandated safety protocols, or temporary municipal ordinances.

Celebration of Solidarity

Thank you to all of America's flag manufacturers for continuing to overcome a combination of challenges. Out of necessity, manufacturers have improved workflow, worker flexibility, efficiency, and quality for now and the future.

Thank you to the tailors who juggled changing family dynamics with spouses working from home and children schooling online to continually make American flags available to us all.

Thank you to all Americans for choosing to seek common ground through love of our country, and unity through the display of our American symbol.

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