American Flags: Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions About Flying American Flags

  1. Do I need a permit to install a flagpole?
    Permits are generally not required although it's a good idea to check with your local city government or homeowner’s association.
  2. How many flags can I fly on a flagpole?
    Most flagpoles are wind rated for one flag being a specific size for the height of the flagpole. You can fly multiple flags if you check with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  3. Will my flagpole rust or need painting?
    Aluminum flagpoles do not rust or need painting
  4. How do I light the flag?
    Every location is unique, you should contact a local electrician or, if you choose to use a solar-powered light, keep in mind that they usually have a 90-day limited warranty so it’s a good idea to make sure the instrument is accessible.
  5. Can I mount an eagle on the top of the flagpole?
    The truck on top of most flagpoles will accept an eagle or a ball.
  6. How tall of a flagpole should I buy?
    The height of the flagpole really depends on the location & purpose for buying a flagpole, for example:
    • To make it a landmark, buy the tallest flagpole possible
    • For a business, buy a flagpole that offers the most visibility
    • For the beautification of a home, take a picture of where you want the flagpole, then select a pole that fits within the picture.
  7. How long will my flag last?
    The life of the flag is dependent on the weather in your specific location, the height of your flagpole, and the surrounding landscape. On average, a premium quality flag will last six months, but each location different.
  8. How long will the rope & snaps last?
    We recommend checking accessories every three months, but at a minimum, the flagpole hardware always needs to be checked at the beginning of the summer and then at the beginning of the winter.
  9. How deep underground does the flagpole need to be set?
    Generally, a flagpole’s sleeve is set in the ground 10% of the height of the flagpole.
  10. After the flagpole is set into the ground how tall will it be?
    Most flagpoles are 10% longer than the height specified in order to accommodate in-ground installation, so the height specified is the above-ground height.

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