Flying Your Flag Is a Snap! . . . With This Simple Guide

What Is a Flag Snap?

A flag snap is the piece of hardware that connects a flag to a rope on a flagpole. The rope (a.k.a. "halyard") is threaded through the closed end of the snap. The opposite, spring-loaded end "snaps" closed around/through a grommet of the flag (see image below).

Flag snaps are a small but essential part of displaying your flag outdoors. Flag snaps literally keep your flag from flying away. 

Deciding Which Snap to Use Can Sometimes Seem Confusing 

Using the wrong type of snap can result in premature damage to your flag or flagpole, and using a snap that is not rated for the proper flag size can cause the snap to break . . . and your flag to be left flying loose in the wind.

Which Snap Is the Best Choice for Your Flag?
Choose the right Flag Snap

LIBERTY FLAGS offers three types of Flag Snaps, making it simple to find the one that is perfect for your needs.

  • Nylon Flag Snaps

    Nylon hooks are an economical choice and often preferred for residential settings because metal hooks tend to "clang" on the flagpole. Nylon snaps are suitable for flags 3’ x 5’ and smaller.

In a commercial setting, you will want a more secure snap.

  • Brass Flag Snaps

    Brass snaps are used for rigging flags with brass grommets. It is important to note that if you use a stainless steel flag snap with a brass grommet, it will wear through the grommet and cause premature damage to your flag. The various sizes of brass flag snaps available will accommodate flags ranging from 3’ x 5’ – 30’ x 60’

    Brass flag snap with brass grommet
  • Stainless Steel Flag Snaps

    Stainless steel swivel snaps are recommended for flags sized 8'x12' and larger that are made with a roped heading and galvanized stainless-steel thimbles.
Stainless Steel > Brass > Nylon >

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