Flag Etiquette: the American Flag in auditoriums, on podiums, carried in a procession

Flag Etiquette: How to display the American Flag indoors

From classrooms and auditoriums, to lobbies and conference rooms, any indoor space can be the perfect place to show your colors and display your Indoor American Flag.

The “Stars” and “Stripes”

Obviously, there are two main components to the American Flag, the stars and the stripes. The stars are also referred to as the canton, the union, or the star field.

The basic rule to consider when displaying the American Flag is that the union should always be at the Flag’s own upper right, or at the top left from the onlooker’s point of view.

Hanging flags

When displayed against a wall, the union should always be at the top left of the Flag, whether it is displayed vertically as a banner or horizontally as a “traditional” flag.

If the Flag is hung from the ceiling in an entry or walkway, the union should be on the left facing anyone entering the entrance or doorway.

When displayed in a window, the Flag is presented to the outside of the building, so the star field should be on the viewer’s left when they are looking at the Flag from outside the building.

Ceremonial flags

When the American Flag is displayed on a podium, it is generally placed in a stand either beside, behind, or slightly in front of the speaker. The American Flag should always be to the speaker’s right and other flags should stand on the left. If multiple flags are displayed together, the American Flag is in the center, surrounded by the other flags and hung from a pole that is taller than all the others.

In a procession

When the Flag is carried for presentation, by color guard for instance, it must be carried on a  Ceremonial Flagpole and secured to a Parade Carry Belt. The American Flag is presented on the viewer’s left.

Flying in traditional fashion

Displaying the Stars and Stripes indoors is American Tradition. Whether you are flying a small Classroom Flag, a large Cotton Flag, or a Ceremonial Flag, These are a few simple rules to make sure that you are showing your pride in true American style.

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