A Match Made in... The U.S.A.!

State and U.S. Ceremonial Flag Pairs

The American Wave® Residential American Flag Set with Spinning Pole

An Ideal Match for Formal or Professional Environments

State and U.S. Ceremonial Pairs are ideal for use in…

  • Lobbies and Public Buildings
  • Stages and Formal Events
  • Educational Places
  • Municipal Spaces
  • Offices and Conference Rooms

Elegant Simplicity, Classic Pairs

State and U.S. Ceremonial Flags Pairs are beautifully matched and are easily display in minutes. Simply assemble the pole, attach the flag, and insert the pole into the base.

These sets can be displayed nearly anywhere indoors — or temporarily carried outdoors with the correct accessories.

How Do LIBERTY FLAGS’ Ceremonial Pairs Shine Brighter Than Others?

LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave® is the only American flag retailer to pair state and U.S. ceremonial sets into one convenient offering, with savings of 10% plus free ground shipping. Sets are hand-packed, ensuring accuracy of flags and accessories.

All ceremonial flags purchased from LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave® are individually inspected for quality. We take extra steps to ensure that all of the flags are properly manufactured, and that none of the tassels or seams have snags. Your ceremonial flags will always arrive in as elegant a condition as you imagine.

Select your state from the map to order your Ceremonial State and U.S. Flag Pair today!

Photo call!

Send us your pictures of your Ceremonial flags, flagpoles, ropes, or other accessories! We would be honored to feature your photography in our blog or on Facebook. Remember, photos of damaged flags and accessories are valuable, too.

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