4 Things You MUST Know About Fallen Flags

The Season for Stars and Stripes: fixing a torn flag

Summer in the U.S. means patriotism and flag flying. It also means Independence Day celebrations and the swelling of national pride at a time of year when a glance in any direction is sure to include the visage of Old Glory flying high.

The right breeze can open an American flag and make her beautiful as ever. But accidents happen, and too much wind or weather can cause a flag to fall or become damaged.

Take, for instance, the circumstances of this person, who wrote to us:

"When I got home from work today my American flag was on the ground. We have a bracket on the house with a pole. There was a storm and I guess it blew the flag and pole out of the bracket. My neighbor told me I can’t fly it anymore since it touched the ground. Is that true?"

This is a tricky question for many, because the answer truly depends upon the condition of the flag. We always refer to the United States Flag Code with regard to our flags.

The U.S. Flag Code does read that, out of respect, "the flag should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, the floor, water, or merchandise."

The code does not state that the flag cannot be displayed anymore since it touched the ground.

If a flag is soiled or torn as a result of the storm, different rules apply. . .

4 Guidelines to Help You Determine if a Fallen Flag Should Fly Again:

  1. If a soiled flag can be properly cleaned, it can be displayed again.

  2. If the soil does not come out, the flag should be properly retired.

  3. If the flag was torn, it should be properly mended.

  4. If the flag cannot be mended, it should be properly retired.


If you have flag flying questions, just call us. We would love to help!

Have a great day from your friends at LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®

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