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Ceremonial Flagpole Ornament - Army Spear

Ceremonial Flagpole Ornament - Army Spear


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Suitable for ceremonial flagpole display.

Army Spear Flagpole Ornament

The Army Spear ornament is the most popular ornament for display atop a flagpole displaying an Army flag, Guidon flag or Field Artillery flag.

  • Solid Brass
  • 7" 
  • Slip Fit with 7/8" inner diameter ferrule
  • Ornament ferrule predrilled on the side and supplied with matching screw to attach on pole

Designed to fit a genuine wood ceremonial type poles which are turned down to 7/8" outer diameter at the top to accept ornaments with a 7/8" inner diameter ferrule.

This is a component part only and therefore the design and engineering of the application are the responsibility of the customer.

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