Ceremonial Church Cross Display Set - Presidential

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Suitable for indoor display.

Ceremonial Church Cross Display Sets - Presidential

Complete your ceremonial flag display with impressive hardware sets furnished with brass plated aluminum ornament, cord with tassels, appropriate size furniture grade hardwood pole, and Presidential Floor Stand (18 lb.).

  • 2 size options
  • 8' display set: best choice to display size 3'x5' flag (minimum 9' ceiling ht. required)
  • 9' display set: best choice to display size 4'x6' flag (minimum 10' ceiling ht. required)
  • Presidential Floor Stand (weighted 18 lb. iron core with anodized aluminum shell)
  • Church Cross Ornament: brass plated aluminum
  • Cord with tassels

Note: Ceremonial Display Sets are for indoor display only.

For outdoor display, a Parade Carry Belt is required and sold separately.

Order our Dust and Rain Cover to protect your set when it’s in storage.

For indoor display, order our NEW Adjustable Flag Spreader to adjust flag fullness for the desired effect.

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