American Flags - U.S. Gov. Quality (G-Spec) - Cotton 10'x19'

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American Flags - U.S. Gov. Quality (G-Spec) - Cotton 10'x19'

Suitable for outdoor display.

G-Spec: Cotton

  • Constructed to U.S. Government stringent requirements
  • Cotton fabric - dense color, classic traditional appearance

American Flags for Outdoors: Flags made to official U.S. Government specifications (G-Spec). Own an American Flag precision-made to U.S. Government specifications.

Known as "G-Spec", these flags have unique proportions and construction features. A limited selection of these flags is available to the public in our Valley Forge G-Spec line. For more than 60 years, the U.S. Government has specified and used these flags.

Size 10'x19' is offered in cotton. Each flag is manufactured according to N.S. Code, Title 4 conforming to size proportions of 1 to 1.9 hoist-to-fly ratio.

Cotton G-Spec Flags

  • made from 2-ply, mercerized cotton bunting
  • lock-stitched seams
  • embroidered stars
  • threads match material color - special stitching
  • heavy unbleached canvas duck roped heading with galvanized metal thimbles
  • unique size and spacing of the star field
  • stitched reinforced 6-needle fly hem
  • dense color
  • classic, traditional appearance

    Made in America 

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