American Flags - Rugged WaveCrest Polyester - extra large sizes

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American Flags - Rugged WaveCrest Polyester - extra large sizes

100% American-made Rugged WaveCrest™ 2-ply polyester is our longest lasting United States flag fabric. Outstanding quality, strength and value make WaveCrest™ the #1 choice for customers who need only the very best performing flag.

Fully sewn construction

  • Longest lasting in strong wind and unpredictable weather conditions
  • 2-ply spun and woven polyester fabric
  • Preferred for 24-hour display
  • Preferred for large-size flag display
  • Fully sewn with lock-stitched stripes and hems throughout
  • Appliquéd stars
  • Made in America


  • Heavy-duty polyester canvas heading with strong nylon rope sewn inside for extra strength. Galvanized metal thimbles protect rope ends.


  • Large flags include grommets in the roped heading for extra control during display
  • 3 grommets evenly spaced in roped heading

Star fields

  • Appliquéd stars

Seams and hems

  • Seams: 2-needle lock-stitched lapped-seams throughout
  • Top and bottom fly length hems: two rows lock-stitching through 3/8"double fold
  • Fly end hem: 6 rows lock-stitching through 1-1/2" double fold with back-stitched corner ends

Additional reinforcements for utmost durability

  • Reinforcement patches at hoist end corners, 2" back-stitched sewing on each fly end stripe and zigzag support stitching on top and bottom fly length hem
  • Corner patches at fly end corners with zigzag support stitching, 2" back- stitched sewing on each fly end stripe

Made in America