American Red Cross Ceremonial Flags and Display Sets

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Suitable for permanent indoor display and parade use.

Note: American Red Cross flags may only be purchased by the American Red Cross, American Red Cross Chapters or American Red Cross Blood Services. All orders for these items will be verified before final processing.

American Red Cross Ceremonial Flags and Display Sets

Auditorium to convention to lobby, set the stage or parade with the finest quality nylon Red Cross Flags and Accessories available.

NOTE: Display Set is for indoor display only. For parade display a parade belt is required and sold separately.

American Red Cross Display Sets

  • 2 sizes available
  • 3'x5' Ceremonial Flag and Display Set including 8'x1-1/4" pole (9' ceiling height required)
  • 4'x6' Ceremonial Flag and Display Set including 9'x1-1/4" pole (10' ceiling height required)

Each set includes

  • Ceremonial Flag
  • Spear Ornament: vacuum-plated gold ABS styrene, 8" tall
  • Cord with tassels: golden rayon cord with 5" tassels
  • Oak finish hardwood pole: two-piece with solid brass screw joint
  • Liberty Floor Stand: vacuum-plated gold ABS molded plastic, 12" diameter, 5-1/2" high, bottom plug for adding weight (furnished empty to reduce shipping expense; fill with 8 lbs sand).

American Red Cross Ceremonial Flag (flag only)

  • 2 sizes: 3'x5' flag (suitable for display in 8' pole) and 4'x6' flag (suitable for display on 9' pole)
  • Authentic design accomplished through appliqué method (hand cut and sewn symbol)
  • Fully hemmed and trimmed in 2" golden yellow rayon fringe on 3 edges
  • Lined pole hem with concealed mounting tabs
  • Option: also sold fully hemmed without fringe

Note: American Red Cross Ceremonial Sets are not intended for outdoor display.

For outdoor display, a Parade Carry Belt is required and sold separately.

Order our Dust and Rain Cover to protect your set when it’s in storage.

For indoor display, order our NEW Adjustable Flag Spreader to adjust flag fullness for the desired effect.


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