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Empire Commercial Flagpole - Internal Halyard

Empire Commercial Flagpole - Internal Halyard


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Empire Commercial Flagpole - Internal Halyard

Free appropriate size U.S. SunTru nylon flag included. 

FREE MOTORFREIGHT SHIPPING to lower 48 states | View wind speed map

Satin finish flagpole ships in 10-15 business days.
Total Delivery Time will vary depending upon freight line backlog.
Anodized finish flagpole: call for current lead time.
Deadlines may be affected by circumstances beyond our control.

Halyard is a naval term referring to the "rigging" or rope by which the flag is raised or lowered.

Top of the line! The Empire internal halyard flagpole is the very best commercial quality flagpole in the entire Liberty Flags product line. This flagpole features cast aluminum ball truck with sealed lubricant bearings and flush locking door to access the stainless steel gearless internal winch. The winch is accessible only through the keyed, cast aluminum door with a handle access hole. The access hole for the winch is located in the door and can be sealed of by using a cast button which will deny access to the winch without use of a key.

  • Preferred for commercial or large estate display
  • Best solution to vandalism and flag theft
  • Vast selection with models suitable for all U.S. geographic locations
  • Simple in function, high quality
  • Finishes suitable for all building architectural styles

    What’s included?

    • Heavy duty sealed bearing internal halyard revolving ball truck
    • Flagpole shaft:  20-25’ 1-piece shaft, 30’-45’ 2-piece sections, 50’ -100’ 3-piece shaft
    • Stainless steel aircraft cable assembly
    • Stainless steel flag arrangement
    • Beaded retainer ring
    • Neoprene-coated counterweight
    • Stainless steel direct drive gearless winch assembly with removable hand crank
    • Flush removable access door with cylinder lock
    • (2) Metal snap hooks
    • Aluminum flash collar
    • Galvanized corrugated steel ground sleeve with grounding spike
    • Installation instructions

    Special Benefits

    • The Empire flagpole comes with a heavy duty sealed bearing internal halyard ball truck. The stainless steel lubricant bearings greatly reduces the need for costly repairs and the shape of the ball truck does away with the need for a ball finial.
    • A revolving truck is the component atop the flagpole that houses the pulley and assists with raising and lowering the flag on the pole. It also revolves and moves with the wind reducing the chance for the flag to wrap around the flagpole. Industry standard revolving trucks are manufactured with stainless steel balls on cast aluminum races - which will cut ruts in the races, thus wearing out! The time required to service and replace a truck without sealed bearings is costly. So why not have the best in the first place?

    Finish Options

    Satin finish flagpole ships in 10-15 business days.
    Anodized finish flagpole ships in 15-20 business days.

    Satin - directional 36-grit sanded satin Deep Luster finish. When new, satin finish catches light reflections casting a strong sheen. The metal will oxidize and turn dull within two years. To maintain original appearance, consider upgrading to an anodized finish.

    Clear Anodized - an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. Anodizing increases corrosion resistance and wear resistance and will maintain the original luster for many years.

    Bronze Anodized (bronze color) - an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. Anodizing increases corrosion resistance and wear resistance and will maintain the original luster for many years.

    What flag size is best

    Flag size is determined by flagpole height. Normally the horizontal length of the flag is 1/4 to 1/3 the height of the flagpole. This guideline applies to commercial manufactured flagpoles 20' and taller. Always follow the manufacturer's flag size guidelines when purchasing a flagpole.

    What is wind speed rating and why is it important?

    • Wind speed means the movement of air in an outside environment. Movement can be affected by many factors including geographic location, weather, pressure gradient and jet streams. High winds can cause unpleasant side effect.
    • Select an appropriate strength flagpole for the wind zone area where the flagpole will be displayed.
    • Flag size and wind force are used to determine the load on a flagpole resulting in the flagged and unflagged mile per hour wind speed rating.
    • Display of an oversized flag could cause the flagpole to fail.
    • A flagpole not suitable for the geographic location wind speed often times fail.
    • Wind speeds are generally higher along coastal areas than inland. They are also higher in open country than the center of cities. Wind speed becomes greater as the height above ground increases.
    • The wind speed rating map and wind speed rating charts will help you select a flagpole suited to your location. The wind speed rating map is based on a 50-year period of recurrence at an elevation of 30 feet above ground level.
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