Resolved: Part 2 of 4

Series: New Year's Resolution to care for the American Flag: Part 2 of 4.

If you're like most people, by now, the thrill of the first New Year's Resolution is probably wearing off, and your patience is wearing a little thin. For those of you who are still going strong, keep up the good work!

Whatever your situation may be, we have come up with some resolutions that flag flyers can easily keep.

Resolution #2: Know the condition of your flag snap hooks

Like every item in this series will be, this is a cinch.

Flag snap hooks are the most quickly worn item on your flagpole, so set some dates throughout the year to look at them and make sure it's not time to replace them. It's a good idea to have a replacement set on hand, too. 

Here's why: 

Flag snap hooks are in more contact and under more relative duress than any other part of your flag pole assembly. They endure wear from the grommet of the flag, from the rope, and from contact with the flagpole. If a flag snap hook breaks, it can mean irreparable damage to the flag. That is why it is a good idea to check the condition of your flag snaps with regularity. About every 90 days is a reasonable interval to begin with, but more often won't hurt!

Need to know how to replace your snap hooks? Detailed instructions are a click away!

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