Resolved: Part 1 of 4

Series: New Year's Resolutions to care for your American Flag (or any flag): Part 1 of 4.

Every year we make a new resolutions (Loved by some. Dreaded by most). This if followed by two weeks of wondering how it will ever possibly be achieved, and 24 weeks in mental anguish at failing to uphold it. By June, the New Year's resolution has long-since been forgotten and we're back doing whatever it was we decided not to do, but with twice the fervor.

Sound familiar?

Well — here comes the phrase we use every year — this year is going to be different! 

We hope. . . 

Out of that hope springs our four-part series on resolutions that we think will be a cinch to uphold, and Old Glory is here to help. In fact, Old Glory is the focus of our attention. Without further ado. . .

Resolution 1: Pay attention to the weather.

This is easy. Know what the weatherman – all kidding aside – is predicting for your area. Why? Because, like our pets, the safety of Old Glory's red, white, and blue well-being is at risk in inclement weather.

Here's how: No matter the flag's material – from rugged polyester or durable nylon to classic cotton – ice and wind together create a destructive combination.

As parts of the flag are weighed down and frozen together by ice, other parts of the flag are whipped and snapped by the wind. The byproduct is exponentially more force and pressure on the flag than it is designed to withstand, and shredding and tearing are likely to occur.

So when bad weather is headed your way, bring Old Glory inside and let her enjoy some coziness with you.

Watch for parts 2-4 in this series.

Do you have suggestions for American Flag resolutions this year? We'd love to share them!

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Have a great day from your friends at LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®.