On Monday, February 19, our country celebrates President’s day

At LIBERTY FLAGS, we hope you'll be joining us.

We're celebrating as we do every day by proudly flying American-made American Flags.

Originally created in 1880 to celebrate George Washington’s birthday, the holiday was shifted to the third Monday of the month in 1971 and expanded to include Abraham Lincoln’s birthday as well.

Now, we honor Presidents Day to celebrate the lives and achievements of all our nation’s Presidents, past and present. 

United States law mandates that every flag is to be labeled with its country of origin. If you are looking for a new American flag for this upcoming holiday, make sure it is labeled “Made in USA”. 

You should also look for the FMAA Certification seal, which guarantees the flag adheres to the highest quality standards for American Flags made in America.

The Flag Manufacturers Association of America, or FMAA, is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to educating and promoting the proper use and high-quality standards of flags made in America.

This Presidents Day, proudly display your American-made American Flag knowing that it was constructed with the highest quality and American standards in mind.

To be certain the American flag you fly is 100% U.S. made, rely on LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®. 
It's always been and always will be the only American Flag we sell, period.

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