Is your flagpole winter ready?

Is your flagpole winter ready?

As winter approaches, we often find ourselves scurrying to winterize our homes, outdoor furniture, and commercial buildings. We make sure that we keep the water faucet lightly dripping so that the pipes don’t freeze and burst. We bring outdoor furniture and fixtures indoors. We bring our Outdoor American Flags indoors during inclement weather to save them from winter wear and tear.

Often, though, we overlook a very important winter preparation ritual: flagpole winterization and maintenance.

Flagpole winter prep list

Outdoor Flagpoles, especially, Commercial Outdoor Flagpoles are designed to be durable, long-lasting, and to withstand heavy weather conditions. But over time, Flagpole Components can become worn out or damaged. This is especially true during the winter: strong winds, heavy snow, and rapid freezing/thawing will eventually wear out even the highest quality flagpole parts.

Damaged flagpole parts can become detrimental and dangerous to your flagpole.

Here are three quick but important tips to get your flagpole ready for the winter season.

🗹 Check your flagpole parts

It’s imperative to inspect your Outdoor Flagpole every year before winter begins and after every winter storm. Make sure that you check all flagpole parts, including the halyard, truck-and-pully, fasteners, retainer rings, and counter-weights for any signs of breakage or wear and replace them as needed.

🗹 Fly a smaller flag

If your area is prone to high-speed winds or lots of ice, it’s a good idea to fly an Outdoor American Flag that is one size smaller than the one you regularly fly. Having a smaller winter flag will not only increase the life-span of your American Flags, but it will also reduce the stress on your flagpole.

🗹 Consider a replacement flagpole

Not all flagpoles are built to the quality standards that you would expect to ensure a safe flag flying experience for years to come. If you notice that the flagpole itself has incurred substantial distress or damage over the years, it might be time to consider a replacement flagpole.

LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave® offers a line of the highest quality American-Made Outdoor Commercial Flagpoles. The Ambassador, Skyscape, Embassy, and Empire Flagpoles each offer you several sizes and options to help you find the perfect outdoor flagpole.

If it isn’t already, this year is the best time to make sure that flagpole inspection and maintenance is part of your yearly winterization routine.


Remember to

  • check your flagpole and its parts
  • fly a smaller flag when needed
  • . . . and consider upgrading your old flagpole


Add our Windspeed Map to your flag reference library.

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