Happy Halloween! Bring out the spooky

Halloween is a favorite time to decorate, dress up, hand out candy, and bring out the child-at-heart. From pumpkin spice to spooky decorations, this is a great time to enjoy all the fun fall festivities while enjoying the cooler air and refreshing weather. This is also the perfect time to ready your Outdoor American Flag for the upcoming winter conditions.

Winter is on the way

High winds and the freezing temperatures of winter can seem pretty scary when thinking about flying your Outdoor American Flag this winter. But fear not. With the Rugged WaveCrest Polyester Outdoor American Flag, you can rest assured that even in the spookiest of weather, the Rugged Wavecrest is not afraid. Two-ply spun and woven polyester fabric and outstanding overall quality make this the toughest, longest-lasting Outdoor American Flag available.



Depending on your geographic area, wind speeds can vary from calm to blustering. Check out our Windspeed Map to see the best way to set up your flag-to-pole ratio for the weather conditions in your area.

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