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Winter flagging with a friend

Fall is coming - time to attend to your American Flag.

It's a joyous season full of holidays, family, food, and celebrations.But winter also brings unpredictable weather: colder days and nights, wind, sleet, and if we're lucky, maybe a snow day or two. 

While you're up in the attic or down in the basement gathering the boxes of hats, gloves, and winter coats that have been stored away, it's also a great time to think about bringing out your winter-ready American flag.

The Rugged Wave Crest™ American flag is constructed with 2-ply spun and woven polyester fabric, which makes it the most durable and longest lasting American flag in strong wind and unpredictable weather conditions.

Flying a large flag?

LIBERTY FLAGS' Rugged WaveCrest is the preferred flag for 24-hour display of large-sized Institutional or commercial flags.

A Big Flag is great, but Bigger flag is even better! The Rugged WaveCrest American Flag's brightly colored stripes are sewn with lock-stitching, while the fly hem and back tack reinforcement are constructed with six rows of stitching to ensure long-lasting durability.

On smaller WaveCrest American flags (3'x5' - 8'x12'), the vivid white stars are densely embroidered, while larger flags (15' x 25' and on up to 30'x60' and even to football field size -yes, really!) display an impressive star field, carefully appliqued by hand.

All flags are reinforced with heavy polyester canvas headings with brass grommets. Plus, larger flags include a strong nylon rope sewn inside the heading, with galvanized metal thimbles to protect rope ends.

The Rugged Wave Crest™ U.S. flag is designed and engineered to allow wind to pass through the flag, reducing friction and increasing the life of your flag.

Winter's best friend

Pull out your hat and gloves, and ready the snow shovel, but don't forget about Winter's Best Friend™ flag. Make sure you are proudly flying the most durable, longest-lasting outdoor American flag. Guaranteed 100% Made in America.

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