Quick flagpole winterization checklist

Jack Frost nipping at your flagpole

As it turns out, “polar vortex” may already be a weather moniker of the past, thanks to the remnants of Typhoon Nuri, whose effects have come roaring across the Northern Plains and the Upper Midwest. The new name for this type of extreme weather? “Bomb Cyclone.”
For those of us who still have a scant few days of fall weather remaining, it is time for routine flagpole maintenance and winterization. Of course, different flagpole types have different maintenance needs. Here are some key items to check.

External Halyard Flagpoles
External Halyard flagpoles, such as the Skyscape models, position the rope on the exterior of the flagpole and secure the rope near the base of the pole, with the cleat.
It is important to inspect the halyard (rope) and snap hooks, and replace as needed.

Internal halyard, rope-based system flagpoles
Internal Halyard, rope-based system flagpoles, such as the Embassy model, house the rope within the pole, secured behind a locking door.
Owners will want to check for wear in the halyard (rope), snap hooks, retainer ring(s), quick link(s), and counterweight — replacing each as necessary.

Internal halyard, cable-based system flagpoles
Internal Halyard, cable-based system flagpoles, such as the Empire model, house a cable within the flagpole, secured behind a locking door.
To identify needed maintenance, inspect the internal cable end, quick link(s), standard flag arrangement(s), heavy duty flag arrangement(s), retainer ring(s) and counterweight. Of course, replace all necessary components.

Review the most common flagpole maintenance activity with this instructional video for replacing snap hooks!

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