An Army of One

On June 14, we celebrate the founding of the United States Army.

From humble beginnings as a hodge-podge of amateur colonial troops assembled from various militia, the US Army has grown to become the largest branch in the US Military.

On June 14, 1775, the US Continental Congress first authorized the enlistment of expert riflemen to serve the US Colonies, naming it the “American Continental Army”. Today, with troops serving and protecting over land, sea, and air, the United States Army is not only America’s largest branch of our Armed Forces, but a definitive force globally.

Flying the Army Flag outdoors

According to the US Flag Code, when flying military flags on an Outdoor Flagpole, they should be displayed in the correct order of precedence. Simply stated, the following order should be observed: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

The American Flag should always be flown first. If you are flying the Outdoor Army Flag on the same pole as your American Flag, it should be of equal or smaller size and always flown below the American Flag.

Displaying the Army Flag indoors

When displaying Indoor Ceremonial Flags, the order of precedence remains the same as when they are displayed outdoors. The Indoor American Ceremonial Flag is always displayed first in order. Remember, when Ceremonial Flags are carried or presented in procession, a Parade Carry Belt must be worn.

Small and versatile Army Desk Flags and sets can be displayed on a podium, a desk, or even a window sill. These small flags can be waved during a parade or in celebration of the US Army.  

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