Which flag fabric is right for me?

Everyone loves spring for the warmer weather, longer days, and the ability to get back outside and enjoy outdoor activities again. Now that winter is gone and the weather is getting nicer, this is the perfect time to check your American Flag for any wear and tear from the winter and replace damaged flags, so you are ready to fly again. 

But spring also brings rain, and in some parts of the country, heavy winds, heavy rain, and strong storms. Light wind and rain may not have much of a noticeable short-term impact on your flag. Depending on the material, you will notice varying degrees of fading and wear at the fly-end over time.

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Which flag fabric should I choose?

If you are looking to buy a new outdoor American Flag this spring, you may be wondering which flag fabric is best for your purposes.

For outdoor flags, the two most popular fabric types are nylon and polyester. Both have their advantages, depending on your needs.

Versatile SunTru™ Nylon

The 100% American made, Versatile SunTru™ nylon is our most popular and economical flag for commercial and residential customers. Made to our specifications from versatile 200-denier weight nylon this flag boasts superior ultraviolet resistance, excellent quality, and great value. 

Rugged WaveCrest Polyester™

Made to our specifications, the 100% American made Rugged WaveCrest™ 2-ply polyester is our longest lasting United States flag fabric and will outlast nylon flags when it comes to fraying. 

Although polyester flags may not be as fade resistant as nylon, the Rugged WaveCrest™ is the preferred flag for 24-hour display and unpredictable weather conditions. WaveCrest™ is not suitable for use with residential flagpoles due to its heavier weight.  

Simply stated, NYLON is preferred over cotton for outdoor use and the SunTru™ is fade resistant, making it the perfect choice for daily use.

POLYESTER is the strongest of our US flag materials, making WaveCrest™ the perfect choice for those flying large flags or for 24-hour flying.

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