In search of American-made American Flags


Originally arriving in America as a young refugee shortly after World War II, Art Zakharian and his family founded LIBERTY FLAGS in 1982.

This photo shows Art in the store's original retail location in a Tulsa strip mall.


As we move toward Independence Day, the anniversary of our great nation, we can’t help but take a moment to think about how LIBERTY FLAGS began and to celebrate the man who began the legacy.

LIBERTY FLAGS was fueled by freedom, strong work ethic, and by one man’s desire to share his unique dream with America.

Dedication to education, excellence, freedom

Our founder, Art Zakharian, always appreciated two things: education and freedom. He taught his children, “Reading is power,” when encouraging their educational pursuits. He also displayed a tremendous love for America and its freedoms. 

Both love and knowledge inspired his own M.O., “Don’t complain, do it better.”

Art believed an individual should always be a part of the solution, not the problem, and his background taught him to be grateful for everything in life.

Shortly after World War II, as a young Armenian refugee, he was encouraged by American G.I.s to move to the United States to explore its opportunities.

After coming to America, he married Edna, earned a college degree in business, became a U.S. citizen, and started a family and a career. He received a flag at his naturalization ceremony, which has become a family heirloom. A second American flag was lost, however.

Lost flag ignites a new dream

Throughout the '70s, Art and family moved many times. During one of the moves, the flag the family flew to honor American holidays was lost. Art wanted to replace it, but he wasn’t able to find an American-made American Flag for sale.

In 1982, he opened LIBERTY FLAGS in Tulsa and made it the store's mission that every American Flag sold by LIBERTY FLAGS always would be made in the USA. 

These days, children who visit the LIBERTY FLAGS showroom still receive the gift of a small American flag and are taught the importance of the flag and how to treat it with respect. They learn that each American Flag should be handled with special care because it doesn’t just belong to the individual who carries it, but to all Americans.

Dedication to service and quality

At LIBERTY FLAGS, we love sharing our product knowledge. We make sure every member of our working family sees and touches each item in our inventory and knows exactly how it works, what it is made of, and how it is expected to perform.

We want to make buying an American flag simple, positive, and hassle-free. Like Dad always said, "Every customer and every order is uniquely valuable.'"

It's also why we add The American Wave® to our name. Look for The American Wave® wherever you see the LIBERTY FLAGS brand. It’s your assurance of American-made products along with good business practices.

Sadly, Art Zakharian is no longer alive to share the amazing growth that LIBERTY FLAGS has seen or to meet and shake hands with all our new customers. Still, every element of our operations is a direct reflection of his values.

They’re in everything we do, and that’s why our logo bears a star — to remind us of Dad. 

Let's fly the flag!

        Charlotte Zakharian


Looking for more reasons to fly your American Flag in celebration this June?

June 6 we recognize D-Day. On June 6, 1944, the battle of Normandy began, which resulted in the Allied liberation of Western Europe from the control of Nazi Germany.

June 14 marks the birthday of the United States Army.

June 14, we also celebrate Flag Day, commemorating the adoption of the American Flag on June 14, 1777.

June 17 is Father’s Day, when we take the day to thank and recognize all the fathers in our lives.

June 20 we recognize American Eagle Day, which honors our National Symbol, the Bald Eagle.

Here is a list of state birthdays coming up for June

June 1 - Kentucky statehood - 1792

June 1 - Tennessee statehood - 1796

June 15 - Arkansas statehood - 1836

June 20 - West Virginia statehood - 1863

June 21 - New Hampshire statehood - 1788

June 25 - Virginia statehood - 1788

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