Choosing Your Flag Fabric -

Selecting Your Flag Fabric

Which Flag Fabric Best Suits Your Needs?

Let's face it – you want an American Flag, and you want options! 

Which one of 3 fabrics will give you the freedom to express your patriotism your way?

The Classic Look - Traditional Cotton American Flag

Cotton fabric is a natural fiber which offers the most classic American Flag appearance. Cotton flags used outside are more likely to fade, stain, shrink or lose shape when displayed outside.

Long Lasting Brilliance - Versatile SunTru(TM) nylon American Flag

United States Flags made from SunTru(TM) nylon have the distinct advantage of ultraviolet resistance. This means that nylon American Flags are less likely to fade in harsh sunlight, and maintain their brilliance longer than other fabrics.

Rugged Durability - Rugged WaveCrest(TM) polyester American Flag

Polyester is a heavier material than nylon or cotton, and polyester American Flags fly longer in the face of rough winds or unpredictable (or predictably bad) weather. Polyester flags will fade faster than nylon flags, but polyester is the preferred choice for flying larger flags or for flying your American Flag 24/7.

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