November is military family month

Each November, we celebrate and honor the sacrifices made by the families of U.S. military service members.

Throughout the month of November, military families serving around the world are honored and recognized for the commitment and contributions they make each day. The strength of our military comes from the strength of the families who support our U.S. soldiers, so it is important to recognize and lift up those families in appreciation for everything they do.

Flying a flag in appreciation

Many military families proudly display their support for our troops by displaying a Military Flag outside or inside their home or business. Regardless of the Military branch, Military Flags can be purchased and flown by civilian, active duty service members, and veterans alike. Flying a Military Flag along with an Outdoor American Flag is a simple yet powerful way to display your patriotism and the pride you carry for this great nation and its military.

Military gifts

From Christmas Ornaments to Military Flags and Patriotic Gift Sets featuring desk flags, Military Gifts are a thoughtful way to show your support to service members and their families. A small desk flag set, for instance, which includes a small American Flag and a small Military Flag, is a great addition to any office, window display, or mantle display. 

Indoor Military Ceremonial Flags paired with an American Ceremonial Set is another attractive option for adding a patriotic flair to your home, office, or community facility.

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