Marine Corps celebrates 243 years

On November 10, we celebrate the US Marine Corps 243rd birthday.

Every year, the United States Marine Corps celebrates its establishment in 1775 with a traditional ball and a cake cutting ceremony. The first Marine Corps ball was held in 1925 and included dinner, cake, and entertainment.

Continental Marines

The US Marines began as the Continental Marines in 1775. The second Continental Congress assigned two battalions of Marines to serve alongside the Continental Navy as landing forces. After the Revolutionary War, it was decided to dismantle the Continental Navy, and consequently, the Continental Marines. The United States Marine Corps was later officially re-established.

Today, the US Marine Corps is the smallest of America’s Armed Forces, with roughly 185,000 active duty personnel deployed in the Pacific, South America, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. However, compared to most other militaries around the world, the US Marine Corps is huge.

Flying the Marine Corps Flag outdoors

The US Flag Code mandates that Military Flags should be displayed in the correct order of precedence when flown on an Outdoor Flagpole.

The American Flag should always be flown first. State flags are flown second in order, and Military flags third. If you are flying the Marine Corps Outdoor Flag on the same pole as your American Flag, it should be of equal or smaller size and always flown below the American Flag.

Displaying the Marine Corps Flag indoors

Indoor Ceremonial Flags must also be displayed according to the US Flag Code order of precedence. The Indoor American Ceremonial Flag is always displayed first in order. A Parade Carry Belt must be worn when Ceremonial Flags are carried or presented in procession.

Small and versatile Marine Corps Small Flags can be displayed on a podium, a desk, or even a window sill.

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