Honoring National Firefighter’s Memorial Day

In 2018, we honor National Firefighter’s Memorial Day on Sunday, October 7.

The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation sponsors a tribute every October in recognition of all firefighters who died in the line of duty the previous year. The memorial weekend is held each year at the National Firefighter’s Memorial in Emmitsburg, Maryland. This site was constructed in 1981 as a seven-foot stone monument featuring a sculpted Maltese Cross, the traditional symbol of the American Fire Service. Even if you are unable to attend the National Memorial Service in Maryland, you can honor your loved ones and those close to you who have served or are currently serving the Fire Service by proudly flying the Firefighter’s Flag in front of your home or business. While the memorial is designated primarily to honor fallen firefighters, it is also a time to thank and honor the firefighters in your family and in your community.

Remember to lower your flag in observance

National law requires the American Flag to be lowered to half-staff in observance of a select few occasions during the year. Appropriately, one of those occasions is in honor of National Firefighter’s Memorial Day. Whether you are displaying your Outdoor American Flag on a Residential Flagpole in front of your home or Commercial Flagpole in front of your business, remember to lower your flag to half-staff. Lowering your flag is a sign of recognition and honor for the brave men and women who lost their lives protecting their communities from disasters, and those who continue to carry on the proud tradition.

October flag flying holidays

Remember to proudly display your Outdoor American Flag this October for the following occasions:

National Firefighter’s Memorial Day – Sunday, October 7  –  half-staff day

Columbus Day – Monday, October 8

Navy Day – Saturday, October 27

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