Visiting Mount Rushmore

A family tradition

Celebrating the rich history of the United States isn't just a byproduct of the LIBERTY FLAGS family business — we are proud to say that it is also woven into the fabric of our family culture. Each year, following brisk business in the run-up to the 4th of July, we set off on a new adventure to celebrate Independence Day in one of the national monuments, national parks, or influential cities that carries some historic significance or providence to the United States. We are fortunate that each of our family members — Charlotte, Jeff, Ethan, and Andrew — appreciates history, nature, and generally being outdoors. This year, those inclinations led us to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

National importance

The Mount Rushmore National Monument itself is a sculpture carved into a granite formation in the Black Hills in Keystone, South Dakota — the batholith is, of course, Mount Rushmore.

The idea for the Mount Rushmore National Memorial was primarily to create a landmark for attracting tourists to view the region's amazing natural features. Initially, the goal was to carve the likenesses of "famous people." It soon became evident that the project needed to be more reverent and of greater national significance, so it was determined that the four influential presidents would be sculpted instead. What began as a larger project intended to include waist-up portrayals of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln ended up being limited by funding. Thus, only their faces carry the burden of entertaining more than two million visitors every year!

The awesome takeaway

When we made our trip this past July, we also visited other nearby locations; Badlands National Park and Custer State Park. What struck us most was the sheer enormity of the Mount Rushmore National Monument, which was plainly visible from the other parks and for miles around. Walking directly up to Mount Rushmore was a breath-taking culminating event for our entire family.

Additionally, since the 4th of July fell at the end of the celebratory weekend, we were able to be at the monument for their Independence Day celebration! It is interesting to know that rather than fireworks, they celebrate with a light show — probably to preserve a modicum of peace for the wildlife. We truly hope this is one stop that is on every American family's bucket-list.

Please enjoy a few of our pictures included here. For more information, we encourage you to visit the National Park Service website. Even if Mount Rushmore is not in your immediate travel plans, the National Parks are an enormously precious American treasure — we encourage you to visit and/or support any of them!


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