2015 new year's resolutions, part 4 of 4

American flag resolutions, a list of achievements

Happy 2015! January is drawing to a close, and this year is in full swing. If you have not yet set your sights on a resolution this year, perhaps you can embrace these American flag goals.

Flying and taking care of an American flag creates ample opportunity to achieve lasting results with very little effort.

Resolution #4: Treat your American flag honorably

We all want our American flags to last for as long as possible. In fact, this desire is one of the reasons that Liberty Flags offers only American-made American flags — the durability of American-made flags is simply the best available.

The craftsmanship is one part of the equation, but the lifespan of an American flag is also determined by the environment where it is flown. Outdoor flags must endure sun, wind and precipitation, so a system of regular care, and responsiveness to cleaning spots will increase the flag’s longevity. More tips for making your American flag last longer can be found here.

Ultimately, however, every flag will reach a point when it simply needs to be retired. When your American flag has flown its last, it is important that it be retired respectfully. Instructions for retiring American flags can be found here.

Have a retired flag that needs replaced?

Watch this video to gain a quick understanding of available flag fabric options.

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