2015 new year's resolutions, part 3 of 4

American flag resolutions, easy as pie

Happy 2015! We are more than half-way through January, and meeting our resolutions with ease thus far. We hope you are, too!

Flying and taking care of an American flag offers you ample opportunity to extend a small amount of care and achieve great, lasting results.

Resolution #3: Be ready for halyard rope maintenance

Halyard rope wear is, in most cases, slow and gradual. Sometimes a snag will move the process along more quickly, but generally, rope wear is the result of exposure to all weather types. Halyard rope wears at different rates on different flagpoles because the stress-adding variables are so diverse. Check the rope for fraying, stiffness or general weakness. These can be the result of snagging or exposure to extreme weather conditions.

Halyard rope should be inspected about as often as snap hooks, at least once every 90 days. It is best to keep extra rope on hand, and to replace the halyard rope at the first sign of damage, so as to avoid breakage or collateral damage to the flag and flagpole parts.

Curious which flagpole might use halyard rope?

Liberty Flags offers three flagpoles that use halyard rope, either in internal or external halyard systems. Their video overviews appear here. Which one is right for you?

Photo call!

We want to thank you for continuing to send us your pictures of seasonal flagpole maintenance, holiday celebrations, American flags, flagpoles, ropes, or other accessories! We are honored to feature your photography in our blog or on Facebook. Remember, photos of damaged flags and accessories are valuable, too.

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