2015 new year's resolutions, part 1 of 4

American flag resolutions, worthy of keeping

Happy 2015! The new year is upon us again. It is the time of year when many people will push and prod their friends and family to commit themselves to New Year’s resolutions. Of course, the path to achieving or abandoning these resolutions is different for everyone, but there is a direct correlation between a resolution’s achievement and its level of difficulty.

Resolutions don’t have to be difficult to be worthwhile, and your American flag offers ample opportunities to achieve several resolutions by extending just a small amount of care. We propose three American flag resolutions that are easy for anyone to achieve. This week, we uncover resolution idea number one.

Resolution #1: bring your flag inside during bad weather

Incredibly easy, right? Meteorologists don’t always get it right, but they come close enough for us to know when there is a risk of inclement weather. And inclement weather is a recipe for destruction of the stars and stripes.

It is certainly acceptable to fly the American flag in any weather, but no matter the flag's material – from rugged polyester or durable nylon to classic cotton – ice and wind combine to create a destructive combination. One part of the flag may be weighed down by precipitation, while other parts are frozen together by ice. When they are, any heavy winds simply whip and snap the vulnerable flag to shreds. No flag is designed to withstand the force and pressure of freezing, wet weather, so rips and shredded fabrics are certain to occur.

So, when bad weather is headed to you, make sure the American flag is as protected as you are

Need to start the new year with flag repairs?

If your American flag does become damaged, it may be possible to repair it. This video overview will give you all the information you need to know which section of your flag has sustained damage and to be able to discuss repair options.

Photo call!

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