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Stumped for gift ideas? Select an American-made Flag Gift Set

Military Gift Sets.

This time, wrap an American-made flag gift set for someone near to you (or maybe even yourself!).

These sets are packed with thoughtful surprises for the US Armed Forces service member or Veteran. 

Each set includes:

  • Two small desktop flags complete with 2-hole stand
  • Auto Emblem
  • Christmas Ornament (sure to be treasured for years to come)
  • Lapel Pin

American Flag Gift Sets

Know someone who's simply proud to be an American? We have American-made gift options for them as well.

US Gift Set

The  US Gift Set includes a great selection of really cool American flag gear, plus a color-brilliant SunTru 3’x5’ nylon flag that's suitable for outdoor or indoor display!

Ceremonial Flag Set

Don’t forget about the complete  Ceremonial Flag set, which includes a golden fringed ceremonial flag, a furniture-grade oak pole, ornament, and display base.

Gift-  American Flag - SunTru TM

SunTru catches the slightest breeze and dries quickly after a rain. Well-constructed in color-brilliant nylon with sewn stripes and embroidered glossy stars.

Gift - American Flag - Rugged WaveCrest TM

Yes!  WaveCrest is R-U-G-G-E-D. Woven from polyester, it's our longest lasting flag. Its substantial construction assures maximum flag life. Stripes are fully sewn and the glossy stars are embroidered.

Gather around with your friends and family, and enjoy the season. Check out the LIBERTY FLAGS gift sets collection. ALL AMERICAN MADE!

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