Do You Fly the American Flag in Front of Your Business?

ALL outdoor American flags now ship FREE!

Patriotism and American Pride are on the upswing!

American flag sales are booming.

  • When customers or potential customers see an outdoor American flag flying outside a business, this creates a sense of pride and increased confidence in that company.
  • Flying the American flag also creates curiosity about how the company was started, who owns it, and what product or service they provide. This, in turn creates new business!

Create trust with your outdoor presentation.

  • Flying an American flag is not only an impressive way to grab the attention of passers-by, but also to present your company’s American allegiance and build trust and rapport with your customers. 
  • Many businesses have gained such a strong relationship with their clientele—just by flying a U.S. flag outside their building—that their customers will call the business if they notice anything wrong or out of place with the flag or pole.

Our American Flags are 100% made in America.

Before purchasing or flying a new flag, do make sure it was made in the U.S.A. 

And rest assured that ALL flags we sell are 100% made in America. And of course this includes the LIBERTY FLAGS Rugged Wavecrest™ Outdoor American Flag. It's 100% made in America, and our toughest, longest lasting outdoor American flag. This makes the Wavecrest perfect for showing your customers that you are proud to be an American business. 

Rugged Wavecrest Outdoor Flag
Fabric detail - Rugged WaveCrest U.S. Flag

Pair your outdoor flag with an indoor flag, too.

Another remarkable way to greet your customers and show your pride in being part of the American economy is to pair your outdoor flag with an indoor American flag. Companies, from Fortune 500 to small businesses, display the American flag in their lobbies, offices, and conference rooms. 

Not only can you proudly display your indoor flag by hanging or mounting it on the wall, you can also choose a handsome American Ceremonial Set, which includes a beautiful indoor flag, pole, flag stand, and ornament.

Create a lasting impression for your business.

When your business has both—an outdoor display AND an indoor display, your company is sure to invite even more new business AND to leave a greater lasting impression.

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